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Studio Apartments in Thane

Some of our listed studio apartments.

For Sale

₹ 30 Lac

1 BHK - 250 sqft

Thane West

For Sale

₹ 45 Lac

1 BHK - 375 sqft


For Sale

₹ 65 Lac

1 BHK - 390 sqft

Wagle Estate

For Sale

₹ 38 Lac

1 BHK - 355 sqft


For Sale

₹ 30 Lac

1 BHK - 350 sqft

Thane West

For Sale

₹ 35 Lac

1 BHK - 350 sqft

Kisan Nagar

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Studio Flats in Thane

Studio apartments are compact, convenient, and increasingly popular housing options for individuals and couples. Designed to optimize space while maintaining functionality and style, they have gained attention in Thane for their affordability and practicality.

Growing Demand for Studio Apartments in Thane

Thane’s demand for studio apartments has soared due to their affordability, modern designs, low maintenance costs, and convenient amenities.

Benefits of owning a Studio Apartments

Owning a studio apartment in Thane offers multiple advantages. They are affordable, require less maintenance, and efficiently use space. Additionally, studio apartments come with modern amenities, providing a hassle-free lifestyle.

Features and Layout of Studio Flats in Thane

Typical size and dimensions of a Studio Apartment
These apartments in Thane typically range from 300 to 500 square feet, providing residents with a cozy, easy-to-maintain living space that balances functionality and comfort.

Studio apartments have an integrated bedroom within the living area, offering a spacious and seamless living experience with room for a comfortable bed and storage units.

Living room
The studio apartment’s living room is a multi-functional space for relaxation, socializing, and work, accommodating seating, entertainment, and a potential workspace.

Kitchen and dining area
The studio apartment’s kitchen seamlessly blends with the dining area, providing convenience for meal preparation and enjoyment.

Thane’s studio apartments have modern bathrooms that optimize space and offer residents a refreshing and functional experience.

Balcony or utility area
Thane studio apartments offer private balconies or utility areas for enjoying views, setting up gardens, or storing household items.

Amenities and Facilities in Studio Apartments

Sprout Space property brokers takes pride in offering a range of amenities and facilities to enhance your living experience. Our studio flats come with the following:

– 24/7 security
– Power backup
– Parking facilities
– Gymnasiums
– Swimming pools
– Landscaped gardens
– Community halls

Popular Locations for Studio Apartments in Thane

Ghodbunder Road in Thane offers studio apartments with excellent connectivity and proximity to commercial hubs, schools, hospitals, and entertainment.

Majiwada in Thane offers desirable studio apartments with connectivity, education, and nearby healthcare facilities.

Pokhran Road in Thane offers serene studio apartments in a vibrant locality with lush green surroundings.

Thane West offers a wide range of studio apartments in a rapidly developing area with excellent infrastructure and proximity to business districts and recreational facilities.

Hiranandani Estate in Thane offers luxurious studio apartments with world-class amenities for a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Balkum in Thane offers affordable studio apartments in a serene suburban locality with easy access to essential amenities.

Why Choose Sprout Space for Studio Apartments in Thane

Sprout Space, a leading real estate company, offers studio apartments for sale in Thane with attention to detail, functionality, style, and affordability. Choose us for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle in a thriving city.

Thane Studio Apartments Price

Sprout Space offers affordable Studio Apartments in Thane, ranging from ₹30 Lac to ₹60 Lac. Find your dream home within your budget today!